Dianne Grattan

Doing Midlife Dating Differently – How one woman is changing the game for midlife singles.

Dianne GrattanDianne Grattan is determined to change the playing field for midlife singles in Greater Boston. Midlife singles don’t want to meet people the way they did when in their 20’s and 30’s. What are the options and how do they stay positive and meet people in a digital dating world?

Dianne asked these questions about how, when and where to meet someone new as a midlife single and used her answers to create Introductions by Diana, a venture that plans and hosts classy, unique events and outings for greater Boston’s midlife singles. Some guests are more ready to date and others are just setting out for the first time in a while. Others, still, didn’t expect to be single at this stage. Dianne is making the process easier, much more enjoyable and less stressful.

For 5 years, IBD has been host to thousands of singles in distinctive venues and settings. She has opened the door for relationships to blossom and for social circles to open up in ways many thought impossible. With this experience, Dianne now hopes to open up dialogue with audiences far and wide, discussing single life and how it can be done differently, more creatively, and better for individuals who have unique backgrounds and history as they venture into the world while single.

Check out our next great event – Informal Gathering in Brighton, Friday June 24th.

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