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I wonder how we knew in January 2012 when we took this photo that it would lead to their success story. ~Diana

Hi Diana, Happy 5th Anniversary to IBD! I have often told others of what a unique and classy experience you offer to singles over 45 through IBD. I have a special love story to share for your 5th Anniversary! I attended your event on January 28, 2012 at Antonio’s in Revere. I was quite nervous walking in alone, not knowing what to expect. But in a short time you introduced me to Andy. That gave us the opportunity to shared a great conversation over a glass of wine, throughout the cocktail hour. Soon it was time to have dinner and meet many other people and personalities. What a fun and uplifting experience, making new friends, sharing many laughs, great food, and with an elegant host. At the end of the evening Andy and I exchanged phone numbers. We meet up a few times, always having a pleasant time and great conversations. After a few dates, life happened, we lost touch and I continued to attend other great events with IBD, continuing to meet other great people! Much to my surprise, Andy and I reconnected on facebook and slowly got to know each other on a deeper level this time around. We continued to enjoy many more conversations, great dinners, fun times and talking about how we met at IBD! Well the chapters of Beverly and Andy still continue as we will celebrate our 2nd Anniversary this March of being in a very happy relationship! We are very grateful to you Diana for Introducing us on that cold January night in 2012!

We both feel Blessed, Beverly and Andy



Mark and Barbara met November 1st!

Barbara:  Mark and I met at IBD’s 100th event celebration at Ruth’s Chris. He immediately stood up (lovely manners!), and shook my hand. I remember those kind, sparkling green eyes. Mark talked about coaching a kids’ hockey team and his career as an executive and sous chef. Good thing one of us can cook!  We’re the perfect match, and in a million years, I never would have met him online. My former online dating profile had a completely different checklist than this wonderful man who’s the sparkle in my life. We celebrated Valentine’s day at the place we met a few months before. Magical.

Mark:  I didn’t know what to expect going to the event, and Barbara was the first person I met that evening. I told my friends I came to the event with that I didn’t care if I met anyone else that night.  There was something special about her–I sensed it, I felt it, I knew it, but I didn’t know the half of it. She is such an amazing and wonderful woman. I have fallen deeply in love with her. She has become my best friend, my confident, and the love of my life. We have already shared so much joy together and are making plans to travel abroad together. I’m so blessed to have her in my life. We started off as strangers in the  night and have become more than lovers at first sight, thanks to Introductions by Diana and my friend who brought me there.

I have been to a number of events hosted by Diana and I highly recommend them. They do cost more than most on-line services. But the people who attend the dinners are educated, professionals who are sincerely looking for a long term relationship.

Diana’s commitment to gender parity makes the evening feel like a comfortable dinner party rather than a competitive dating event.

~Google Review



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Thank you for creating last night’s event.  I wanted to share with you a funny story –  your blog was very helpful to me last night.  I accessed your “5 Ways to Avoid Being Chronically Single” article through a link on FB. 

Because I often travel by cab directly to an airport terminal and, when I arrive at my destination, I either go from airplane to tram or cab again, I find that taking an overcoat over a suitjacket is inconvenient–they both end up being “stuffed” in the overhead compartment and come out looking like they have been trampled by horses.

One of your blog suggestions is to “change your image”–new hair style, new clothes, new trench coat (ok, the “trench coat” line brings out a whole other topic of humerous conversation starters).  Anyway, since I was attending an IBD event last night and didn’t know how far I would have to walk, after reading your blog, I rummaged through my closets to find my trench coat.  When I took it out, it had some “road dust”, and it was very crumpled, so I sponged it off and dragged out the ironing board.  I was so glad to have it last night because it was cold and quite windy in downtown Boston last night–I was comfortable, thanks to your blog. 

Thanks again for hosting an event last night, and congratulations on achieving your 104th event in five successful years of operation!

Best Regards,
Joel H


Thank you for a fun evening I enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to future events.



I wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable evening last night.  You really do a great job organizing events.  Everyone that I spoke with was having a really fun time.  So again, many thanks for another great event.  



Thank you Diana.   Last night was fun… lovely dinner and thank you.   I look forward to seeing you at another event.